Somewhere Near Taupo: work in progress (1)

I have started a new painting I’m calling “Somewhere Near Taupo” which recognises one of the “standard answers” we used with our children when they were young.

As parents, we know what it is like to have to answer these repeated questions from our children: “Are we there yet Dad?” “Where are we now Dad?”

To the often asked question “where are we now Dad,” I developed a “stock answer” which was “somewhere near Taupo.” Taupo is a beautiful lakeside town in the centre of the North island of New Zealand and I’m sure that “somewhere near Taupo” must have been an answer at some stage. Anyway, the phrase has become part of our family legacy!

This new painting is is a composite image from several photos from several different locations in New Zealand. When it came to answering any questions about the location of this scene, it was obvious that the answer had to be “Somewhere Near Taupo.”

The painting features a large gnarly tree on the right which is the primary focus. It also includes a stream at the bottom with a lot of interesting grasses. There is a second smaller tree on the left which I think will balance out the composition. The big tree takes up much of the right hand side of the painting reaching up nearly to the top of the far hills and to about the middle of the painting and out past the edge on the right. I will probably add some sheep in the background somewhere because this after all, is a New Zealand farm scene!

Anyway, early days but happy with it so far.

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