Upgraded website pics

I have been really concerned about the quality of pics that I have been able to post on this website, especially those pics that relate to my paintings. My concern was that I want to display my paintings well, especially because I am looking to sell paintings “online.”

Hours were spent trying to get good results off my iPhone, including trying different camera apps, watching all kinds of instructional videos and a lot of trying to work things out.

Finally, I found several artists websites where serious artists simply said that I was wasting my time trying to get high quality results of paintings using a smart phone, that if I was serious about selling my paintings, I needed to get an entry level DLSR camera, at least!!

So, I have launched out and purchased a Nikon D5600 camera which I got for the price of an entry level camera. Yeah!

Simply put, the results have astounded me and I kick myself for not having done this earlier, especially as I have had the opportunity to submit photos of my paintings for a prestigious art show (which I am waiting to hear about). I was able to supply them with updated photos.

I have managed to re-photograph most of my paintings, except those I have sold. The website now shows the upgraded pics, except for the two displayed on my website that I have sold.

I hope that you notice the improved quality of the photos and the sharpness of the details and the colours!

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