Aoraki/Mt Cook

Acrylic on a museum/archival grade Canvas.
450 x 600mm unframed size

An iconic landmark in the South Island. Aoraki (the Maori name for Mt Cook) is New Zealand’s highest mountain at 3754 metres or 12,316 feet.

The lake in the foreground is Lake Pukaki and is located just south of Mount Cook. Lake Pukaki is known for its exceptionally blue color, which it gets from suspended particles in the water. These particles are formed by the grinding of rock as snow melts off the mountains filling the rivers and lakes.

Interestingly, it is said that the best view of this scene (as painted) is from Peter’s Lookout. Also, autumn is considered the best time to view this area.

NB: My studio is great for painting but the lighting is not great for photography. Hence, the top right of the pic is over-exposed. I will work on my photography skills!!

On the wall in my clients home. Very pleased!

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