Maple Glen Delight

Acrylic on Museum/Archival grade canvas stretched on board
450 x 600mm unframed size
$1000.00 with high quality gilded wooden frame (see below)

This painting is from a photo I took in a spectacular private garden just outside of Invercargill earlier this year. I am definitely not a gardener but this place is incredible, especially as it was started by and is maintained by a woman and her husband with the recent addition of their son. What this lady has created is spectacular and what they do to keep it operational is amazing.

A bit of information about Maple Glen.

A private garden, nursery, aviary, woodland and wetland set in the rolling green countryside of Southland. The garden is home to a large population of native and exotic birds including handreared parrots and waterfowl.

Started by Muriel Davison in a curving valley in the early 1970’s it has continued to grow and now occupies around 42 acres of their farm. The garden features mass plantings of cold hardy perennials, Snowdrops, Daffodils, Trillium, Bluebells, Colchicum, Astilbes, Higo Iris and Inshriach Hybrid Primulas along with many hundreds of Rhododendrons and Mollis Azaleas. Many large ponds have been dug and there is also a nascent arboretum.

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