simple but efficient glass palette for paint mixing

Glass palette for paint mixing. A triumph!

My new glass palette works extremely well! My plan is to put together a Youtube video with details of how I made this pallet and the materials used. I am thrilled with how it works for paint mixing and for cleaning up afterwards!

I had been working with a glass palette that I made a couple of years ago which served me well but created some frustrations. The major issue was handling the paint that I scrapped off after each session. It was extremely easy to get the paint off the surface but I had issues with trying to remove the scrapings from the actual palette. The issue was the edging around the glass, like picture framing.

This new version works so much better. The scrapings can be moved to any edge of the glass and nothing falls down the edges between the glass and the framing. It is very easy to remove the glass to clean both sides, if necessary. So far, I haven’t had to clean the underneath of the glass.

The neutral grey that I painted the board under the glass is wonderful as a base colour for colour mixing.

I have glued a non-slip rubber backing onto the base of the board that the glass sits on. I have made a stand that also has a rubber-back base. This enables me to adjust the angle of my palette as I prefer.

If you are a painter and can’t wait until I get something on YouTube, then send me an email. I will happily forward details of my glass palette to you.

Happy painting and looking forward to hearing from you!

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